Douglas Pereira Skin Health is a premium range of result driven products that have been formulated for a skincare savvy user or somebody that wants to elevate their skincare regime and achieve effective, visible, long-term results that will transform their skins health.

The concept behind the range was to create a luxurious, prescriptive collection of products that are scientifically formulated using the most sophisticated and advanced active ingredients.

Each product in the range is made up of high - potency formulations that contain the vital peptides, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and lipids found naturally within the human body, thus being recognised, and optimised by the skin and its functions.

The range consists of multifaceted formulations, including cleansers, hydrators, essential and targeted serums, and special care products.

Each with their own unique formulation of active ingredients that target problematic skin challenges, promote a resilient healthy skin barrier, and supports the prevention, intervention, and rejuvenation of the signs of ageing.

Prescriptive approach

Skincare as individual as you are

The Skin Health range is a collection of products that have been designed so you can create the perfect result driven homecare regime for your skin.

The range takes a prescriptive approach to building a homecare regime. We have created the collection of products, so you can select the individual serums and supportive products to target your skin goals.


With so many products in the range we understand it can be a little challenging for you to work out the best products for your skin. So, if you need a little advice and support to create your regime, we have four pathways to help you out.

Online skincare regime builder questionnaire

Complementary virtual consultation

Complementary in clinic discovery consultation

In clinic signature consultation


Elevating scientific cosmeceutical skincare with a luxury experience is the essence of the Douglas Pereira Skin Health range. Each product we formulate begins with five key principals.

Research and development, Science, Innovation, and Technology

Quality ingredients in the right dosage that are skin identical

Supporting the skins barrier

Triphasic Bio-Active Delivery System

The fusion of cosmeceutical skincare the experience of luxury


Research and development, Science, Innovation and Technology.

The human body and specifically the anatomy and physiology of the skin is our focus. Our research and development and the sciences behind our formulations have a direct correlation to how our skin response to the environment we live in and the ever-evolving modern lifestyle we lead.

Each formulation we create harnesses what we like to call “Skin Relevant”. By this, we mean the Science, Innovation, technology, and ingredients we use when formulating a product has a direct synergy to how our skin performs and functions.

We don’t get caught up in the latest fads and trends of the skincare world, but instead look to your skin and what is needs to achieve optimum health and radiance.


Quality ingredients in the right dosage that are skin identical.

Our products are formulated with high concentrations of high-grade active ingredients, scientifically proven to make a significant improvement in the health and appearance your of skin.

The active ingredients are selected based on how they interact with each other, on skin, and within the formula itself.

The ingredient combination, delivery system, and formula of a well-designed product can optimise the effectiveness of its ingredients.


Supporting The Skins Barrier

The unsung hero of resilient, healthy balanced skin is the skins barrier also known as the lipid barrier and is the frontline of your skin’s health.

Your natural skin barrier is made of a blend of lipids, fats, and ceramides. Your barrier helps to keep your skin protected from extrinsic factors and defends against damaging pollution, UV light and infection, helps lock in hydration and strengthens skin resilience. So aesthetically it’s important to keep it in optimum condition.

If our barrier becomes compromised, then skin can become red, shiny, sore, constantly dry, uncomfortable, or itchy. A compromised barrier can also irritate and flair up skin challenges such as psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis.

To keep the skin barrier healthy, it’s essential to support and comfort the skin by supporting the barrier function and feeding the barrier with lipid enriched skincare.

The Douglas Pereira Skin Health range has been formulated to support a healthy skin barrier by using our exclusive barrier repair complex and barrier repairing peptides throughout the product range.


Triphasic Bio-Active Delivery System

Using our exclusive Triphasic Bio-Active delivery system (TBA) in our formulations, increases the penetration and delivery of the bio-actives for accelerated reversal of skin damage & scar tissue, inhibiting free radical assault to neutralise further ageing, and assist with treating your skin challenges.

The key science behind the Triphasic Bio-Active delivery system (TBA), is our lipophilic compound that aids our bio-actives ability to create cellular change by binding to the lipophilic cell cavity, assisting optimal integrity & delivery of all supporting actives in each product.

The lipophilic compound is attracted to the naturally produced oils & the phospholipid bilayer of the skin cells within the intercellular & extracellular matrix, in conjunction with naturally derived emulsifiers that provide vital biomimetic liquid crystalline structures, phospholipids & sphingolipids that greatly enhance and rebuild the lamellar structure surrounding the cells ‘like the mortar that surrounds bricks.’ Their physiological nature not only restores hydration but also offer long term correction & active delivery enhancement.

This function in each of our products is a major component in scientifically delivering the active ingredients to where they best perform.

Luxury Experiences

Elevating the cosmeceutical experience 

The fusion of cosmeceutical skincare and the experience of luxury 

Texture, penetration, aroma and how the product wears on the skin plays a big part in the products we create. 

When formulating, our goal is not only to create result driven products that work but to also create a product that feels luxurious and is an experience to use.