The ultimate antiaging skin treatment, that treats the three key stages of skin ageing - the prevention, intervention, and rejuvenation of the signs of skin ageing. Using our exclusive 99% Platinum Peptide 11 complex this treatment targets fine lines to deep wrinkles by increases collagen production, recovers volume loss, promotes strong skin elasticity, rebuilds damages cells and strengthens muscles for a lifting effect.

The Process

Phase 1. Cleanse & Purify

Phase 2. Latic & peptide skin resurfacing

Phase 3. LED light therapy

Phase 4. Oxygen infusion with peptide & hyaluronic infusion

Phase 5. Vitamin A & platinum peptide infusion

Phase 6. Cryo therapy & ultrasonic infusion

Phase 7. Lipid elixir massage sequence

Phase 8. Moisture seal & Protection